Ron Carter's

Snare Story

Exploring the World of Drumming

Explore the drumming world with essential setups: the classic four-piece for rock vibes, versatile five-piece for diverse beats, jazz kits for subtle rhythms, innovative hybrid setups, and personalized ergonomic adjustments with perfect cymbal and stick choices.

crafting DIY drum mutes and pads. Using everyday materials like foam and adhesive, it explains creating effective mutes that significantly reduce volume yet maintain the drum’s feel, ideal for noise-sensitive environments and cost-effective.

Discover essential techniques for capturing the perfect snare sound in the studio. Learn the art of drum preparation, including tuning and drumhead selection, and explore effective microphone choice and placement. Understand the impact of room ambiance and master studio tools like EQ, compression, and gating to shape the snare’s presence in the mix, emphasizing the drummer’s unique touch in bringing the snare to life.

Explore the captivating world of the djembe, a key element in West African music. Delve into its historical significance and traditional crafting from tree to drum. Learn essential playing techniques, understand complex rhythmic patterns, and experience the unity and dynamics of ensemble drumming. Discover the djembe’s integration into modern music, preserving its rich legacy while embracing contemporary sounds.

Restoring a Vintage Tama FibreStar